Spa Casanera CALVI

Journey of the senses Made in Maquis

Let yourself be transported by the soothing and warm atmosphere of the Casanera Spa, within the Kasano Hotel for an exclusive experience in the heart of Calvi. The emblematic Corsican brand is mainly known for its use of immortelle, the star of the island, whose regenerating properties are no longer to be proven. Moisturising, nourishing and repairing, immortelle is used in the elaboration of numerous care products. The bewitching fragrance of the brand's signature oil is reminiscent of the scents of the maquis.
Treat yourself to a precious moment, an invigorating interlude in a space designed for your well-being. In the black and white décor inspired by the Corsican flag and the identity of the Casanera brand, tensions are released and the spirit is soothed. The fumes of the hammam mingle with the scents of the organic essential oils used for the treatments, and the sauna invites you to absolute relaxation. In this elegant hotel Spa Nestled at the foot of the citadel of Calvi, every detail has been thought out in the spirit of the Kasano, friendly and sophisticated, to meet the highest standards of quality.
To keep you fit, a fitness area equipped with innovative and stylish solid wood machines from Water Rower is also available.


SAuna Hammam

Find yourself, recharge your batteries

In the Spa and Well-being area, the flagship colours of the Corsican flag, black and white, plunge you into an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere, full of serenity.
The benefits of the hammam have long been recognised, with its anti-stress and toxin elimination benefits. The sauna, on the other hand, cleanses the skin in depth and relieves the muscles.
Take advantage of the virtues of 100% certified organic essential oils from the Casanera brand and release tension under the expert hands of our professionals in one of the two treatment rooms.

Fitness area

Reconnecting with your body

The contemporary spirit of the Kasano Hotel is reflected in the fitness room, which features Water Rower equipment.
These solid wood machines have been designed to allow you to perform a wide range of movements in an environmentally friendly way. They are innovative and incorporate features not found anywhere else. Their elegant design and natural materials blend in with the Kasano's décor, echoing the beautiful nature that surrounds the hotel.



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