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Nestling on the north-west coast of Corsica, the picturesque town of Calvi stands out as a Mediterranean pearl, attracting travellers with its natural and historical charms. In this ode to Calvi, we explore the must-see sites that give the town its unique aura.

Calvi beach

When you think of Calvi, your mind immediately conjures up an image of an idyllic beach, offering a visual symphony of fine sand, azure-blue water and an endless azure sky. Calvi's beach, which stretches for almost 5km, is the perfect place to relax and swim. Its proximity to the city offers visitors a breathtaking view of the citadel.

If adventure on the water appeals to you, Calvi is the place to be. The Bay of Calvi offers a fantastic playground for water sports enthusiasts. Whether you're a novice or an experienced sailor, the possibilities are endless. From sailing to scuba diving, paddling to kayaking, there's something for everyone. Local water sports centres offer courses and equipment hire, so you can discover the joys of water sports in an exceptional setting. And don't forget kite-surfing, for those looking for a thrill. Calvi's sea breezes and the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean make it the perfect place to do sport while enjoying the scenery.

The Port of Calvi

The port of Calvi is more than just a transit point for ships. It is the vibrant heart of Calvi, where local culture is revealed in the ballet of fishing boats, luxury yachts and seaside restaurants. Strolling along the quays is an experience in itself, allowing you to observe the pace of life in Calvi.

The Citadel of Calvi

Dominating the Calvi landscape, the Citadelle offers a journey through time. These ramparts, witnesses to Calvi's past, are now home to charming cobbled streets, pastel-coloured houses and the Cathedral of Saint-Jean-Baptiste. The citadel also offers a panoramic view of the port and bay of Calvi.

Our Lady of the Serra

A short distance from Calvi, on a hill overlooking the bay, is the peaceful sanctuary of Notre-Dame de la Serra. This popular pilgrimage site offers breathtaking views of Calvi and the surrounding area. It is a place of absolute serenity where you can lose yourself in your thoughts while admiring the beauty of nature.

La Révélata

The Pointe de la Révélata is another of Calvi's wonders, located to the west of the town. It is a rocky peninsula with spectacular views over the Mediterranean Sea. It's a perfect place for a hike, with paths winding through the maquis and steep cliffs.

The town of Calvi is an island jewel of unrivalled charm and beauty. Whether lounging on the beach, losing yourself in the history of the Citadelle or marvelling at the views from Notre-Dame de la Serra and La Révélata, every moment spent in Calvi is a moment to cherish.

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Corsica is the largest French island on Mediterranean Sea and most popular holiday destination for French people.

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Calvi, France - August 17, 2013: The village and touristic harbor of Calvi, Corsica, in a sunny summer day. Boats and yachts ready to salt at the dock.