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What to do during your holiday at Kasano Hotel Spa Calvi?

From the rocky promontory that houses the Kasano, our Hotel Spa, Calvi is within reach. The bay stretches out in front of you, revealing a grandiose landscape. Take advantage of your stay in a Hotel Spa in Calvi to discover the natural treasures and heritage of this unmissable town on the island of Beauty. 

Located in Haute-Corse, on the west coast, Calvi is recognisable by its iconic medieval citadel and its beautiful beaches. Nestled in a half-moon shaped bay, it offers visitors its narrow cobbled streets, shops, restaurants and a special atmosphere steeped in history.

The town of Calvi is composed of an upper part, with the citadel, and a lower part where the marina is located. Put your bags down at the Kasano Hotel Spa Calvi, ideally located at the foot of the citadel and a few minutes from the port and the beaches. Discover its Spa which offers treatments by the Corsican brand Casanera, refresh yourself in the magnificent infinity pool and end the day with a drink at the Loria Bar. Spend restful nights in one of our rooms and suites Hotel Spa Calvi as a backdrop, then set off to discover this city between the sea and the mountains.

Explore the old town from our Hotel Spa in Calvi

Around our Hotel Spa and at the foot of the citadel, the old town can be discovered through the cobbled streets. There are many shops selling local crafts and souvenirs. The "lower town" also has a covered market, a must if you want to take home delicious charcuterie or other Corsican specialities. The old town of Calvi is perfect for stocking up on souvenirs.

Visit the citadel of Calvi from our Hotel Spa

Above our hotel Spa Calvi is dominated by its medieval citadel. This was built by the Genoese in the 13th and 16th centuries. It is composed of 2 towers and 5 bastions which gave the enemies a lot of trouble. Don't miss the view of the town of Calvi and the sea from the ramparts: breathtakingly beautiful panoramas. In the heart of the citadel, discover the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church, classified as a historical monument, and its triptych on wood, the former palace of the Genoese governors or Sampiero barracks, the Saint-Antoine oratory or the house where Christopher Columbus was born. According to legend, the navigator was born in Calvi, although he was officially born in Genoa 10 years later.

The Calvi Tourist Office offers audio guides to accompany your visit.

Enjoy the sea from the Kasano Hotel Spa Calvi

It is impossible to visit Calvi without taking a trip to its marina. On the Landry quay, you can stroll along the restaurants and bars, have a drink or go on an excursion to the unspoilt beach of Saleccia or to the Scandola Nature Reserve.

At the end of the quay, discover an immense beach of fine sand 4.5 km long. Bordered by a pine forest, Calvi's beach is the ideal place to perfect your tan, take a dip in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, but also to practice water sports.


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Aerial view of Calvi city, Corsica, France. Walls of the city, cliff overlooking the sea

Calvi luxury hotel

Loria Bar

Calvi luxury hotel