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Calvi is a town on the north-west coast of Corsica, particularly famous for its beaches and half-moon shaped bay. As a seaside resort, it is a perfect destination for your next holiday or honeymoon.

A pleasant stay at the Calvi pool hotel Kasano

To make the most of your stay, the Kasano Hotel offers you even more than you might expect. Indeed, since the lounge terraceThe view is splendid. The panorama of the bay of Calvi, overhung by the eternal citadel, reinforces the postcard impression.

Take a refreshing break with your loved ones at the hotel's geometric infinity pool. The pool is both chic and chill, offering a relaxing atmosphere during the day. It becomes a trendy spot after dark. And don't hesitate to quench your thirst at the bar of the Calvi pool hotel Kasano with its menu of snacks and drinks.

Visit to the citadel

The Citadella di Calvi is the must-see site in Calvi. Built by the Genoese in the 13th century and completed 3 centuries later, the citadel consists of 2 towers and 5 bastions. Perched on its stony promontory, imperial above the Mediterranean, it bears witness to the richness of Corsica's historical heritage, which is waiting for you to discover it. This absolutely remarkable site is located only 7 minutes' walk from the Calvi piscine Kasano hotel. From the citadel, you can admire Calvi at a glance. Indeed, thanks to the elevated location of this historical monument, you can enjoy a 360° view of the city, allowing you to discover the ramparts, the port and the maquis from a single spot.

Tanning session at the beach

When we talk about a stay in Corsica, we naturally think of heavenly beaches. It is therefore impossible to visit Calvi without enjoying at least some of the beaches near the Calvi piscine Kasano hotel. Among the most popular, the beach of the Pinède is accessible on foot from the city centre. On the outskirts of the city, the beach of Sainte-Restitude offers you an opening on a horizon of pebbles, rocks and azure waves. This beach is known for its tranquillity, which is well worth discovering. Lozari beach is also a paradise for families who want to have a good time or for sports enthusiasts and experts in water sports.

Boat trip

In addition to land-based visits, there is also another way to discover the city of Calvi: from its crystal-clear waters. Located just 600 metres from the Calvi Piscine Kasano hotel, the Calvi marina offers a variety of destinations for your boat trips. Among the exceptional places, you can count the Scandola reserve, a jewel classified as a UNESCO world heritage site, the Agriates desert known for its white sandy beaches or the Piana creeks, a site also classified as a UNESCA world heritage site for its impressive bloody cliffs. There are many more destinations to see during your stay in Calvi.


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