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As well as its bay in the shape of a half-moon and its heavenly beaches, Calvi is also a town brimming with fascinating history through its monuments. Calvi is a historical treasure on the water, set between sea, mountains and forests. So, to mark your stay at the Calvi Kasano luxury hotel, we've prepared a few historic sites for you to visit.

St. John the Baptist Cathedral

During your visit to Calvi, the Saint-Jean-Baptiste cathedral is sure to pique your curiosity, as it is currently the religious lungs of Calvi. This ancient Roman Catholic cathedral, just 6 minutes' walk from the luxury Calvi Kasano hotel, served as the seat of the diocese of Sagone between 1576 and 1802. Built in the Citadel during the 13th century, it suffered damage and had to be rebuilt in Baroque style in 1570, although it should be noted that the reconstruction only affected the outside of the monument. The interior has retained its Renaissance baptismal font and screened-in boxes. The beautiful carved oak pulpit has also remained intact, which is sure to delight art lovers.

The salt tower

Listed as a historic monument in 1992, the Salt Tower is a tourist attraction located 260 metres on foot from the Calvi Kasano luxury hotel. Built in 1495, the monument served as a lookout post to protect the town's port. With the growth of trade in the region, the tower became a warehouse for salt, which was a very valuable commodity at the time. Salt was used mainly to preserve perishable foods such as meat for export.

During the restoration of the Calvi Citadel, the salt tower and its caponier were also renovated.

The Revellata lighthouse

The Revellata lighthouse is a tourist attraction that attracts many visitors from all over the world, and can be reached from footpaths in the wilds of Corsica. Located 27 minutes by car from the Calvi Kasano luxury hotel, this lighthouse stands on the tip of the Revellata, at the end of the peninsula.

The Revellata lighthouse is of major importance to the town of Calvi, as it was used to mark the north-west coast of Corsica, from the Gulf of Daléria to the Agriates coast. Built in 1838, it was lit for the first time in 1844. Today, the tower houses an oceanographic study centre controlled from Bastia. When you visit this tower, you'll be treated to a unique experience and a totally unobstructed view of the Mediterranean horizon.

The bust of Christopher Columbus

The bust of Christopher Colum, the discoverer of the New World, is an emblematic monument in the town of Calvi. This monument is one of the must-see sites on your visit to the town. To discover it, simply head towards the citadel, just a few steps from the Calvi Kason luxury hotel. This famous monument was sculpted by Damasu Maestracci in memory of the famous Admiral of the Ocean Sea.

There are other must-see sites in Calvi, such as the Church of Sainte-Marie-Majeure and the oratory of Saint-Antoine Abbé.


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